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Mission Statement: Seeing former Mission players coaching very rewarding



It’s always hard to define success in youth hockey with so many different motivations from so many different personalities.

Obviously, team success is a huge part of the puzzle.


Until recently, the thing I was most proud of was so many alumni going on and having the love of the game to extend hockey careers into junior and college. It speaks volumes to not only their on-ice preparation but that they learned to love the game enough to keep playing.

Having done this so long, I have now started to see the next phase that has recently gained momentum as more and more Mission AZ alumni are turning into teachers of the game.

Currently, we have two alumni in Ryan Haar (Northern Arizona University ACHA D-III) and Michael Weinberger (University of Kansas ACHA D-II) taking on college coaching jobs. I am very excited to see this next generation of coaches taking what they learned here and apply it to players.

We also have an alumni in-house coaching stable currently with Mission. Chris Carouchi, Tanner Paterno, Ryan Mohr and Ben Branaman are all currently on our staff and taking lessons they learned and applying to the next generation of the Mission army.

To see these kids who were raised under our banner develop into teachers and role models is the most rewarding piece the game has given me yet.

I look forward to seeing these kids develop into leaders and take in expanded roles as they continue to give back to the game and organization that they represented as players and now as coaches.

I feel very lucky to have been seen these kids develop into excellent teachers.

Just when I think the game has given me all it can, my heart is expanded by this wave of current coaches giving back.

It is truly the ultimate!

Jeremy Goltz is the coach-in-chief for Mission AZ.

(Dec. 9, 2019)