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Flagstaff’s Birecki named to EHL player list for 2021 All-Star Classic


The Eastern Hockey League (EHL) has announced the names of the 68 players that will be participating in the 1st Annual EHL All-Star Classic on November 21-22 at the Ice Den Arena in Hooksett, N.H.

The first installment of the league’s brand-new event will feature a total of 36 forwards, 24 defensemen and eight goaltenders, and with an even 17 teams in the EHL, each organization will be represented by four All-Stars.

Later this week, the EHL will announce the eight coaches that will be participating and will be split up into four pairs of two.

Then, following this weekend’s showcase, the four coaching duos will select their respective teams through a draft that will be held early next week.

Jack Karges (Boston Jr Rangers)
Adam Zukowski (Boston Jr Rangers)
Jack Devine (Connecticut Chiefs)
Hunter Rossi (Connecticut Chiefs)
Lucas Baksay (Connecticut RoughRiders)
Colin Bella (Connecticut RoughRiders)
Calyb Reeves (Connecticut RoughRiders)
Will Jennings (East Coast Wizards)
Ryan Webb (East Coast Wizards)
Ricards Jelenskis (New England Wolves)
Kevin Johnston (New England Wolves)
Pavel Svoboda (New England Wolves)
Matt Carlson (New Hampshire Avalanche)
Aden Hotchkiss (New Hampshire Avalanche)
Jason Atkinson (New Jersey 87s)
Everest Schneider (New Jersey 87s)
Colin Callanan (New York Apple Core)
Colby Walters (New York Apple Core)
Vincent Nicosia (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Adam Beauvais (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Savva Smirnov (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Nick Newman (Protec Jr Ducks)
Spencer Quinn (Protec Jr Ducks)
Ben McGlashing (Railers Jr Hockey Club)
Cooper Board (Seacoast Spartans)
Colin Marks (Seacoast Spartans)
Will Crowley (Seahawks Hockey Club)
Andrew Kimball (Seahawks Hockey Club)
Ryan Pomposelli (Seahawks Hockey Club)
Evan Donnelly (Team Maryland)
Will Rosen (Team Maryland)
Billy Hartnett (Valley Jr Warriors)
Nick Serafin (Valley Jr Warriors)
Louis-Joseph Guernon (Vermont Lumberjacks)
Tyler Penree (Vermont Lumberjacks)
Anthony Persi (Walpole Express)

Mark Meinecke (Boston Jr Rangers)
Tim Duffy (Connecticut Chiefs)
Roberts Viguls (Connecticut RoughRiders)
CJ Boyd (East Coast Wizards)
Rece Poulin (East Coast Wizards)
Julius Kvandal (New England Wolves)
Josh Higgins (New Hampshire Avalanche)
Todd Branish (New Jersey 87s)
Hayden Watson (New Jersey 87s)
James Mettler (New York Apple Core)
Ryan Brow (Protec Jr Ducks)
William White (Protec Jr Ducks)
Tyler Anastasi (Railers Jr Hockey Club)
Jake Barcelou (Railers Jr Hockey Club)
Tyler Drummond (Railers Jr Hockey Club)
Thomas Reilly (Seacoast Spartans)
Sawyer Smith (Seahawks Hockey Club)
Alex Newton (Team Maryland)
Daniel Demchuk (Valley Jr Warriors)
Paul Terry (Valley Jr Warriors)
Jackson Birecki (Vermont Lumberjacks, Flagstaff native, Jr. Coyotes alumpictured)
Corey Popowcer (Vermont Lumberjacks)
Parker James (Walpole Express)
Alex Raketich (Walpole Express)

Chris Jackson (Boston Jr Rangers)
Marshall McKallip (Connecticut Chiefs)
Jackson Bernard (New York Apple Core)
Ronan Mobley (New Hampshire Avalanche)
Joseph Henson (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
Ty Franchi (Seacoast Spartans)
John Werber (Team Maryland)
Jack Boschert (Walpole Express)

(November 3, 2021)

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