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Gila River Arena to host AHSHA All-Star event Dec. 21


Later this month, AHSHA will stage its annual All-Star event at Gila River Arena, an event that has grown exponentially over the years.

The game itself will be accompanied by a skills competition on Dec. 21, and all players will wear specialty jerseys supplied by the Arizona Coyotes.


AHSHA Board of Directors member Ed Georgevich has been a part of the Recognition Committee that coordinates the event.

“The growth of the AHSHA All-Star Game has grown over the past few years with the increase in the number of players and teams in the league,” said Georgevich. “It is a great opportunity for players to showcase their talents and play with those they normally play against. A lot of these players have played together in house leagues and travel teams growing up before high school and this gives them time to come together and have some fun.

“There is some great talent in all the varsity divisions, and it’s fun to see all the new young JV players that are on the rise for their respective schools for the future.”

Jon Shivener, the Coyotes’ supervisor of amateur hockey events and business development, is excited for this year’s All-Star event.

“The biggest hit of this event every year seems to be the skills competition,” Shivener said. “These players are getting their shot at many of the drills and contests they’re used to seeing on TV at the NHL level, like the hardest shot, fastest skater, skills drills, and more. We’ve all sat and watched on TV before and wondered how we would fare in those same exact events, and here it is becoming a reality for these players. Truly their chance to see how they stack up against each other, and even cooler, their idols at the NHL level.”

new_AHSHAA colleague of Shivener, Matt Shott, who serves as the Coyotes’ director of amateur hockey development, echoes Shivener’s sentiments.

“The past All-Star events have been a fun experience for the kids,” said Shott. “They don’t take it too serious and they have fun, just like the NHLers. I think being able to experience it on the professional ice is a great bonus for them, too. This organization has done an immaculate job growing the league and helping us grow the game. We are so proud to partner with them and look forward to continuing that partnership for years to come.”

As AHSHA numbers continue to blossom, the extra-curricular events get bigger, but it is more than one person behind the scenes.

“I have been involved with AHSHA since its formation in 1999-2000,” said Georgevich, who serves on the Recognition Committee as co-chair with Lauri Griebel. “We work together to gather all the player nominations from all the program coaching staffs and review them to ensure they meet all the guidelines, then prepare them for coaches to vote for the players, and count all the ballots, review and finalize them for the announcement of the players selected to participate.

“As for the All-Star event, I have had the assistance over the past few years from former Horizon High School player and AHSHA board member Kenny McGinley. He has been the on-ice master of ceremonies to help ensure that the event is running smoothly and on-time.”

Going forward, the sky is the limit for AHSHA.

“The Coyotes have been a huge help with the success of high school hockey in the state of Arizona,” Georgevich said. “Their partnership is amazing and great for all of hockey in the Grand Canyon State. The AHSHA Premier team under the guidance of head coach Tait Green and his work with the high school showcase team at the end of the year is really helping put our players and program on the map and opening up opportunities for players be seen for juniors and college club teams.

“It’s a great time for hockey for all of Arizona.”

Desert Vista Forward Dmytro Gnitko
Desert Vista Forward Nathaniel Lamp
Hamilton Forward Joe Nermyr
Hamilton Forward Carson Gylling
Hamilton Forward Carter Newlin
Horizon Forward Jake Norling
Horizon Forward Niklas Kariniemi
Horizon Forward Alex Rafalski
Notre Dame Forward Danny Doherty
Notre Dame Forward Neiman Ham
Notre Dame Forward Aiden Mickey
Notre Dame Forward AJ Fryer
Hamilton Defense Connor Manning
Hamilton Defense Dean Noonan
Hamilton Defense Dylan Gunnare
Horizon Defense Michael Besendorfer
Horizon Defense Ryan Gorzynski
Notre Dame Defense AJ Martin
Hamilton Goalie Hayden Manning
Horizon Goalie Nicholas Hansen

Desert Vista Defense Trevor Castano
Desert Vista Goalie Christopher Walgren
Horizon Forward Cameron Anderson
Horizon Defense Samuel Stipe
Notre Dame Forward Michael Doherty
Notre Dame Forward Kaiden Mazaheri

Basha/Perry Forward Kellen Gibson
Basha/Perry Forward Austin Gloyd
Basha/Perry Forward Lucas Tuman
Chaparral Forward Kade Carney
Chaparral Forward Ethan Eddleblutte
Chaparral Forward Aiden Carney
Chaparral Forward Brandon Walton
O’Connor Forward Nicolas DelliBovi
O’Connor Forward Colin Fritsche
Pinnacle Forward Connor Ziegler
Pinnacle Forward Jake Alcaraz
Pinnacle Forward Dominik Silva
Basha/Perry Defense Zachary Brumm
Chaparral Defense Connor Sniffin
O’Connor Defense Spencer Craig
O’Connor Defense Derian Bernsdorff
Pinnacle Defense Logan Derryberry
Pinnacle Defense Nick Slayton
Chaparral Goalie Matt Diamond
Pinnacle Goalie Joey Palermo

Basha/Perry Goalie Dylan Sharkey
Chaparral Forward Presley Morris
Chaparral Defense CJ Hampton
O’Connor Forward Jack Tomlon
Pinnacle Forward Tyler Ihling
Pinnacle Defense Parker Bogues

Cactus Shadows Forward Ethan Hinnant
Cactus Shadows Forward Brett Strick
Campo Verde Forward Stephen Sica
Campo Verde Forward Jacob Holston
Campo Verde Forward Chandler Manbeck
Campo Verde Forward Spencer Jacobson
Centennial Forward Ricky Elmer
Mtn. Ridge Forward Tyler McCaughey
Pinnacle Forward Landon Silva
Pinnacle Forward Kelton Lyons
Pinnacle Forward Aiden Werner
Pinnacle Forward Trey Pareja
Mtn. Ridge Defense Jackson Binaneski
Campo Verde Defense Zachary Evahnenko
Campo Verde Defense Cameron Lowe
Campo Verde Defense Trevor Rees
Pinnacle Defense Simon Nealy
Pinnacle Defense Logan L’Heureux
Pinnacle Goalie Connor Dumesnil
Campo Verde Goalie Corrigan Sinclair

Pinnacle Forward Joey Ihling
Pinnacle Forward Lukas Gabo
Mtn. Ridge Defense John Randel
Cactus Shadows Defense Jonah Geiger
Cactus Shadows Goalie Parker Probst

Brophy Forward Henry Nelson
Brophy Forward Dean Angelo
Brophy Forward Jack Allen
Corona Forward Zac Yurkanin
Corona Forward Hassan Rahal
Flagstaff Forward Scott Palmer
Flagstaff Forward Mathias Tye
Flagstaff Forward Oka Forsberg
Flagstaff Forward Christopher Wise
Mesquite Forward Cody Horton
Mesquite Forward Dalton Henson
Mesquite Forward Nate Olson
Brophy Defense Greg Wilmering
Corona Defense Isaac Yurkanin
Flagstaff Defense Evan Palmer
Flagstaff Defense Toby Armstrong
Mesquite Defense Maneau Kelsall
Mesquite Defense Zack Klennert
Brophy Goalie Ben Schouten
Flagstaff Goalie Dylan Bonfiglio

Flagstaff Forward Joseph King
Corona Defense Mason Muir
Mesquite Defense Carter McBride
Basha/Perry Goalie Dylan Sharkey

Desert Vista Forward Ryan Ensley
Desert Vista Forward Nick Vatis
Flagstaff Forward Joe Cook
Flagstaff Forward Titus Dunnigan
Hamilton Forward Keaton Hubbard
Hamilton Forward Tyler Negroni
Hamilton Forward Michael Feldman
Notre Dame Forward Drake Sullivan
Notre Dame Foward Tyler Posch
Notre Dame Forward Tyler Tremeroli
Shadow Ridge Forward Logan Rowland
Shadow Ridge Forward Andrew Goulet
Desert Vista Defense Ben Woolaver
Flagstaff Defense Ian Torp
Hamilton Defense Gavin Parzych
Hamilton Defense Cole Ethington
Notre Dame Defense Evan Kobley
Notre Dame Defense Connor White
Desert Vista Goalie Ethan Jim
Hamilton Goalie Aiden Patterson
Notre Dame Goalie George Serbin

Notre Dame Forward George Simon
Notre Dame Forward Holden Hrabak
Desert Vista Forward Chase Thornton
Desert Vista Defense Tommy Girten
Shadow Ridge Defense Gavin Ekas

Basha/Perry Forward Tanner Sullivan
Basha/Perry Forward Ben Meister
Desert Mtn. Forward Tyler Slaney
Desert Mtn. Forward Ben Zucker
Desert Mtn. Forward Alex Shelley
Horizon Forward Luke Leshin
Horizon Forward Jayden Olson
Mtn. Ridge Forward Noah Petri
Pinnacle Forward Seth Shero
Pinnacle Forward Connor Gramhill
Tucson Forward Ranon Plett
Tuscon Forward Lou Caulfield
Desert Mtn. Defense Wes Wilmering
Desert Mtn. Defense Jackson Lukrofka
Horizon Defense John Charles Centola
Horizon Defense Jackson Elton
Mtn. Ridge Defense Issac Buchan
Mtn. Ridge Defense Dylan McCaughey
Desert Mtn. Goalie Christopher DiMatteo
Horizon Goalie Zachary Conger
Tucson Goalie Aaron Mittendorf

Basha/Perry Forward Jackson Dow
Horizon Forward Wesley Amos
Horizon Forward Jaziel Gonzalez
Basha/Perry Defense Gavin Haase
Basha/Perry Goalie Jacob Long

Basha/Perry Forward Benjamin Bohan
Basha/Perry Forward Joshua Cason
Basha/Perry Forward Braden Dobrenz
Basha/Perry Forward Sam Howell
Chaparral Forward Brody Walton
Chaparral Forward Darius Maurice
Chaparral Forward Justin Jorgenson
Chaparral Forward Jack Myerthall
Pinancle Forward Kelton Hankins
Pinnacle Forward Jacob Izenstark
Pinnacle Forward Michael Sausedo
Pinnacle Forward Nicholas Baer
Basha/Perry Defense Nathan Benedetti
Basha/Perry Defense Triston Gaul
Chaparral Defense Garrett Eddy
Chaparral Defense Jarred LeTourneur
Pinnacle Defense Max Heymann
Pinnacle Defense David Salazar
Basha/Perry Goalie Jace Gloria
Chaparral Goalie Eric Quihuis

Chaparral Forward Michael McFetters
Basha/Perry Forward George Schneider
Basha/Perry Defense James French
Pinnacle Defense Ryan Mathur

Brophy Forward Cole Zacher
Brophy Forward Danny Serrano
Brophy Forward Jack Gelinas
Brophy Forward Beau Hollinger
Desert Vista Forward Peyton Henley
Desert Vista Forward Kaden Smith
Desert Vista Forward Vincent Bracamonte
Mtn. Ridge Forward Simon Corven
Mtn. Ridge Forward Kaleb Malmgren
Mtn. Ridge Forward Kory Robb
Mtn. Ridge Forward Kody Burnson
Mtn. Ridge Forward Ben Lager
Brophy Defense Tyler Skinner
Brophy Defense Charlie Sigmund
Desert Vista Defense Matt Horvath
Desert Vista Defense Evan Condon
Mtn. Ridge Defense Elliot Vyverman
Mtn. Ridge Defense Derek Waggoner
Desert Vista Goalie Preston Farr
Mtn. Ridge Goalie Michael Magoon

Brophy Forward Joseph Agnone
Desert Vista Forward Jackson Lolli
Brophy Goalie Austin Niederkofler

Dec. 21, 2019 – Gila River Arena

12:15 p.m. – JV Skills Competition
1:15 p.m. – JV All-Star Game

2:30 p.m. – Division 3 Skills Competition
3:30 p.m. – Division 3 All-Star Game

4:45 p.m. – Division 2 Skills Competition
5:45 p.m. – Division 2 All-Star Game

7 p.m. – Division 1 Skills Competition
8 p.m. – Division 1 All-Star Game

— Matt Mackinder

(Dec. 17, 2019)

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