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Passionate Arizona youth, college coach Green picked to lead DYHA 18U Tier I squad


As the DYHA Jr. Sun Devils enter the Tier I ranks for the 2020-21 season, everything about the organization is taking it up a notch.

When it comes to coaching, that, too, is getting a boost as longtime Arizona youth, high school and college coach Tait Green will guide the DYHA 18U team this year.

Green will be joined on the bench by fellow Arizona State ACHA coaches.

“I received a phone call from (DYHA hockey director) Brad McCaughey over the summer and he presented the idea,” Green said. “All of our ACHA coaches will be involved with the 18U team. It creates a unique opportunity for these kids to work with college coaches and recruiters.

dyha1“We will develop a culture and tradition that replicates what hockey players represent at Arizona State University. We wear the same pitchfork logo and will wear it with pride.”

Getting the chance to learn from someone that knows what it takes to play at the college level is something Green is excited to pass on to the players.

“These kids will understand the tradition being built in Tempe,” Green said. “We will obviously show them what ASU hockey has to offer. As someone who has supported local hockey during my time in Phoenix, I want to see the players develop in order to move forward in a situation that is best for them. We will develop them to make them the best hockey players they can be. At all levels of ASU hockey, we support those who wear an ASU logo and understand its value.”

Green noted that his way of teaching the game will not differ from what he has seen work at ASU.

“My coaching style won’t change much,” said Green. “We need to prepare these kids to play at a higher level. We know what we expect out of our ASU players and will ask a lot of the same from the Jr. Sun Devils. Our success will be built around how many of our players move on to the next level of hockey. Trophies are great, but 18U hockey is not the pinnacle of their career. I want this team to be an individual springboard for better things ahead. We will build a pride in DYHA that carries on after our players move to the next level.

“DYHA is set up for a successful program by having the affiliation with Arizona State. ASU hockey is accustomed to building a tradition and that is what we plan to do at DYHA. We are an underdog program in an unassuming market. If they don’t know about Sun Devil hockey, they will soon.”

— Matt Mackinder

(Oct. 9, 2020)

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