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AHU standouts enjoying activities away from the rink



There is a phrase that states “the best athlete is made in the offseason.”

This probably doesn’t click for a kid.

Adults know rest, relaxation and time off are important for mental and physical recovery, but most kids will only sit tight for a little while.


Also, don’t we want our kids to get better and stronger during those summer months to gain that competitive edge? Between house hockey, inline, baseball, soccer, football, figure skating, etc., then adding camps like the ever-growing Goar Camp at AZ Ice Gilbert in that mix, do players really even have an offseason?

Here’s a look at what just a few AHU Knights are doing during to keep their “on-season” level balanced.


LUKE PHILLIPS: Likes to go fast! Keeps his heart and head calm, though, by volunteering. Here he is at a “Kids Helping Kids” event for PHX Children’s Hospital.


EVAN HEDLUND: When he’s not standing tall between the pipes as a goalie, you can find him on a baseball field throwing heat.

DECLAN & SEAMUS SANDOVAL (pictured top): Whether it’s on the soccer fields or on the ice, these brothers are dominating.


CALLEIGH STREIT: Not sure if she’s a figure skater that plays hockey or a hockey player that figure skates!


BRADEN WOOD: Can throw a football over a mountain. Can also backcheck with the best of them.


NOAH STANLEY: Enjoys a good old-fashioned water balloon fight but is also a force on the frozen water.

— Sean Phillips

(June 12, 2019)