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Ice Den Scottsdale unveils new, state-of-the-art video room



With technology advancing seemingly daily, the Ice Den Scottsdale is right at the forefront in keeping up with modern trends.

Recently, the Ice Den revealed its new high-quality video room, which will be utilized by all the facility’s tenants, including the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes and the booming Jr. Coyotes youth program, in addition to the AHL’s Tucson Roadrunners.


Jr. Coyotes Elite Program hockey director Marc Fritsche said the new room is a benefit to all who use its resources.

“Coaches will use video review as an additional tool to help players visualize and analyze game play to see what is working and where there is room for improvement,” said Fritsche. “Our program is fortunate that our home rinks are state-of-the-art facilities. In the times of instant footage and the tech generation, it sets us apart and shows that we are willing to do what it takes to evolve with the game and put an emphasis on developing not only great athletes, but smart athletes as well.”

Fritsche added that when he describes the video room, “seeing is believing.”

“When a coach can visually communicate to a team or player making good plays and bad, the players are able to process and make adjustments much faster than the trial-by-error method that is normally used,” Fritsche said. “This generation of young players has been raised on technology and are extremely visual learners. When they see examples of strong players, they tend to grasp and learn the skills quicker. Hockey is a fast-paced game and video review allows coaches to slow it down, to analyze and teach concepts in a way the players understand.”

The Ice Den staff worked cohesively with its IT partner Leverage Technology Group and Coyotes video coach Steve Peters on the design of the video room.

“Our program is designed to ready these players for the very highest levels, junior hockey in the U.S or Canada, college and for a very select few, the pros,” Ice Den president Mike O’Hearn said. “Tools such as this video room will give them every opportunity to meet their goals while taking excuses off the table. Upgrades like this begin with ownership. The Burke family, owners of Ice Den Scottsdale and Ice Den Chandler, is the family that brought the Coyotes to the Valley in 1996. While they may not have a direct stake in the team today, they have maintained a leadership role in the community and a responsibility for continued growth of hockey at all levels for young men and women as well as the many thousands of young skaters that enjoy ice sports. This upgrade in Ice Den Scottsdale is just one of many that have been added over the years.

“These improvements are a commitment by ownership and management to provide the best possible facilities, the most competitive programs, while all the while ensuring the safe, healthy environment that has become the hallmark of the Ice Dens.”

On the NHL side, Peters said the Coyotes will use the new video room for all of their game-day morning video meetings.

“Most of our team special-teams play will be done in the mornings in the video room at the Ice Den and having a permanent location makes things much easier for us, and much more professional,” said Peters. “For the Ice Den to have a top-notch video facility like this makes it a true home away from home for the Coyotes when it comes to presenting our meetings to the players.

“Today’s game is all about technology and visuals – this new video room gives us a place to educate our players in a first-class environment.”

— Matt Mackinder

(Oct. 26, 2017)