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Team branding is very important.

How you look on and off the ice can be a big factor in the unity of the players, coaches on the ice, and parents in the stands.

Behind The Mask’s Team Sales division has worked with numerous associations across the state and U.S. with a focus on meeting the needs of each of their individual views on the look of their brand and hockey needs.


Finding the right look can be difficult with so many different companies offering a wide variety of custom options.

We have focused on simplifying the process and offering the best products available each season. Your team needs are important, and we offer a wide range of products to meet them.

Jerseys, socks, gloves, helmets, pants, apparel and team accessories are just a few of the offerings available to BTM Team Sales customers.

As many of you (sometimes painfully) know, the best laid-out planning and designing are sometimes
for naught when unforeseen issues arise in production, customs, or delivery.

Through it all, we have always fought for our customers and their needs and have always felt that our customers are more important than our bottom line. We work with brands like Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Champro, Winnwave, Kewl and many others to get the best pricing and programs available.

Last year, we introduced a new event at our Scottsdale store, by invitation only, to all of the Arizona High School Hockey Association programs. Coaches and team managers were invited to get a first look at the new team products available.

BTM staff and company reps were on hand to speak with each organization and help answer any questions they had on the products prior to ordering or to bring back the information they gathered to help ease the headache or choosing which products to order.

This year, the BTM Teams Sales Expo is getting a larger invite list where all the associations in the state with be invited out to add to a larger festive feel, much like our Smashfest or Goalie Day events.

This event is by invitation only and is only available to previous organizations that have purchased from BTM Team Sales. Last year’s event included raffles and prizes for coaches and managers that were in attendance.

U.S. Team Sales manager Beau Saugling, in his first year in his new role, has surpassed all expectations of the teams he has help.

We thank all our associations in their understanding of the transition and appreciate the outstanding feedback they have provided on the wonderful job he has done.

To outfit your team with the best jerseys, apparel, equipment and supplies, contact Beau via email at

Randy Exelby is the owner of Behind The Mask Hockey Shops.

(March 4, 2020)