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Barkov, Barber Put HockeyShot Synthetic Ice to the Test


Tuesday, January 29. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

For the first time in history, a pro hockey shootout happened on a beach! The sun was out, temperatures reached 70 degrees and HockeyShot put on an historic match between an NHL superstar and a stickhandling YouTube star.


Florida Panthers forward Aleksander Barkov took to the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice to go toe to toe with Pavel Barber after the two engaged in a war of words on social media all week. With a crowd watching on, a panel of judges and one sweaty goalie – trying his best to not be intimidated – the two stars took turns making smooth moves on the Synthetic Ice panels to showcase you can truly play ICE hockey anywhere!

hs1Watching Barkov and Barber go head to head in this shootout shows why more players, coaches and trainers choose HockeyShot Synthetic Ice panels for all their training needs. There are a few different synthetic ice surfaces on the market, but we are confident that after trying out the HockeyShot Synthetic Ice – Extreme Glide panels you will agree with the many different players and coaches that have given us their No. 1 recommendation. The Synthetic Ice is the absolute best way to train off the ice because you can practice any time. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the sun is shining, or the lights need to be turned on, HockeyShot has you covered for all your training needs.

HockeyShot Synthetic Ice will last 7-10 years per side! That means, with proper care, you can have at least 14-20 years of home training and play time with these panels. That is sure to take a load off your mind in terms of durability, longevity and bang for your buck.

Another reason the Synthetic Ice is a step above the rest is the self-lubricating polymer. This means that you aren’t spending a lot of time or effort in trying to push and get that natural feel and no need for any waxes or add-on liquids.

Barber Synth Ice Florida

HockeyShot Synthetic Ice is also super easy to install. They come in 4’x4’ or 4’x8’ sheets which are lightweight enough for most people to carry on their own. In fact, our team was spotted carrying up to three at a time when they installed the surface on the beach in Florida. Our Interlocking Dovetail panels significantly outperform traditional spline and square-edge styles and require no extra tools or equipment. You can take the customization one step further by sawing one tile in half to fill in the extra corners and nooks of your home basement hockey training setup.

Another great way to maximize your at-home hockey training setup is to add some shooting tarps and aids to help get you in the scoring zone. The Crowd Goes Wild Shooting Tarp is one of our favorites to help transform your basement into the stadium of your dreams.

It’s every players’ dream to have an efficient and durable at-home training area. With HockeyShot Synthetic Ice, this dream can be a reality. Perfect for any garage, basement or backyard, the Synthetic Ice is the absolute best way to help make sure your game stays in top shape. Have no doubts that HockeyShot products are the best on the market with players such as pro ambassador Aleksander Barkov and stickhandling specialist Pavel Barber recommending them as well as our other testimonials from renowned coaches, players and trainers. When it comes to HockeyShot, you are getting the highest quality product and best at-home hockey training aids out there.

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