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From the Trainer’s Room: Dealing with hockey injuries

September 12th, 2022

So let’s just say you did everything right in the offseason. You stayed off your skates and recovered from last season’s injuries. You put in good work in the gym and got bigger, faster, and stronger. You felt great getting back on the ice as you practiced for the first tournament to prepare for the…

From the Trainer’s Room: Final phase of the hockey offseason

August 23rd, 2022

The beginning of the hockey season is just weeks away. There are many camps going on and the demands for the players to be on the ice are increasing. So, too, must the work we do in the gym change as we enter this final phase of the offseason. To recap, the first phase of…

From the Trainer’s Room: Four ways to fight fatigue, boost recovery

August 19th, 2022

With fall sports coming back into season, training intensity and frequency will ramp up for many teams, making recovery a prominent aspect of the game. As physical stress on athletes increases, their bodies are sure to feel the effects. Fatigue, muscle soreness, and dehydration are some major effects that can hinder an athlete’s performance if…

From the Trainer’s Room: Off-ice training to prepare for the season

August 8th, 2022

Just like that, the summer offseason for hockey is almost over. I hope everyone spent some quality time off their skates to recover and rehab from last season. In a previous column, I spoke of using the early offseason to build strength in the gym while reducing the amount of time on ice to avoid…

From the Trainer’s Room: Sports performance training not just for improving performance

July 29th, 2022

When we think of sports performance training, we think of getting faster, jumping higher and getting stronger so we can be better at our sport. Though it is true, we train to get better at our sport, but what can be forgotten is that we also train to prepare for the demands of the upcoming…

From the Trainer’s Room: Two simple exercises to improve speed on ice

July 19th, 2022

Today’s hockey game is faster than ever. Today’s young stars like Trevor Zegras and Jack Hughes are so effective because of their speed. Perennial offensive stars Connor McDavid and Johnny Gaudreau have an unreal ability to accelerate and beat their opponent to the puck, which makes them so successful. Speed is determined by stride length…

From the Trainer’s Room: NHL Draft takeaway

July 11th, 2022

It’s that time of year again as the NHL Draft takes place and all hockey fans glue their eyes to the television to see who will be the stars of the future. There were plenty of surprises and transactions that made this year’s draft fun to talk about, but there was one common theme I…

From the Trainer’s Room: Keys to recovery

July 7th, 2022

Recovery after training or competition is crucial to continue sport performance at high intensity levels. Exercise-induced fatigue results in a decreased ability to generate adequate muscle force, or power, during activity. When the muscle is fatigued, there are increased levels of blood lactate, which can inhibit the muscle’s ability to contract efficiently and can lead…

From the Trainer’s Room: Availability – the best attribute for an athlete

June 22nd, 2022

When we look at what makes an athlete superior, we look at speed, strength, and power. Some will look at how the athlete performs under pressure like scoring an overtime goal or striking out a batter with the bases loaded. Others may look at winning such as an elite player who makes teammates better around…

From the Trainer’s Room: Getting stronger, not bigger

June 13th, 2022

All the hype on social media today stresses how cool it is to be huge and lift heavy weights. You can’t look at Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok without seeing some pro athlete or someone trying to be a pro athlete lifting an outrageous amount of weight one time and showing how big or “jacked” they…

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