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IHAAZ making changes for more parity, starting with 2023 season


On the heels of a wildly successful 2022 season, IHAAZ is implementing several changes for the 2023 season.

The tweaks are aimed to improve parity throughout all divisions, with minor rule changes and procedures at the top of the list.

Most roller hockey tournaments have an eight-goal mercy rule, meaning once a team scores the goal to create an eight-goal differential, the game ends. In tight divisions, this rarely happens. In mixed divisions, it can happen a lot.

“There are a few IHAAZ teams that never got a full game all season long last year,” noted IHAAZ tournament director Nick Boyarsky. “Sometimes it was a team who didn’t because they beat every opponent by eight. We’re looking to split divisions up for better parity, and in doing so have teams play up or down an age group depending on where the fit creates the best parity.”


The second issue IHAAZ officials are hoping to solve is the two participant types – the teams that want to play all the events as a series, and the teams that want to jump in for a single event or jump in late in the season to qualify for IHAAZ State Finals.

“Knowing some of our stronger Gold teams are still wrapping up their ice seasons over the first two events, we have lowered the State Finals requirements for teams and individual players to qualify to one event, and our Silver teams to two total,” Boyarsky said. “Within these changes, we are also allowing one roster move per season for players regarding State Finals. Players are allowed one move per season, so those wishing to play early on can find opportunities to do so while still being available for their eventual State Finals team.”

The announcement for the 2023 IHAAZ season schedule is expected to be released in the coming months.

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— Matt Mackinder

(November 7, 2022)

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