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Mission Statement: Finding consistency in this crazy world of youth hockey


goltzIn the crazy world of youth hockey, I think there is a beckon of consistency.

This should be used as a model for organizations and serve as an eye opener to the youth community as a whole.


You have to look no further than our AA or Tier II teams this season.

Just look at coach Jim Pinti and his Arizona Hockey Union 14U Black team, coach Zach Fryer and his Jr. Coyotes 16U team, coach Jason Evahnenko and his AHU Silver 18U team, and my Mission AZ 18U Red team.

All four of these teams have one common thing as not only are they at top the standings, but all these teams are a result and a model of consistency.

These teams have stayed together with core players for years and because of that consistency, they are all showing what the results can be.

I see so many players jumping around, especially at the younger levels, to pursue the AAA allure.

Here are some examples of what, to me, are the greatest things about this game when you have the right chemistry, and everyone takes a team-first approach.

The kids have stayed with their programs and respective coaches and the reward is a strong hockey and bonds that will last forever.

Not only are these teams all standouts in our state, but they all have proven to be able to be nationally capable as well.

The AHU 14U team just won the prestigious Richmond BC tournament over Christmas, the Jr. Coyotes 16s knocked off the No. 1-ranked team in the country to win a bid to Silver Stick International, and our Mission 18s recently beat the No. 1-ranked team in the country on a trip to Chicago.

I know it’s easy to put AAA on a pedestal, but in reality, the AA core has established us not only nationally, but has shown the town what can become of teams and players what the game of hockey is truly about, and that’s the overall team.

I am proud to represent this state at the AA level and to me, it is a truly a beckon of how things should be in youth hockey.

I hope this will open some eyes and realize just exactly what this teams are accomplishing and, more importantly, how they are doing it.

Jeremy Goltz is the coach-in-chief for Mission AZ Hockey.

(Jan. 30, 2020)

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