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PUCK HCKY a one-stop shop for hockey fashion


PUCK HCKY is “the coolest hockey-fashion brand on earth,” according to CEO Matt Marini.

“Kidding, but not really,” he added.

Based in Royal Oak, Mich., about 10 minutes north of Detroit, PUCK HCKY started in 2015 when Marini decided that the hockey world needed a “cool” fashion brand and his partner, PUCK HCKY president Amy Steffek, pushed to “go for it.”

“So we jumped in, and PUCK HCKY was born,” Marini said. “We are having an absolute blast with the brand and growing day by day. We have an amazing crew here, too. Everyone is totally focused on making PUCK HCKY the go-to hockey-fashion brand for the masses.”

Joining Marini and Steffek is Rand Geralt, who designs everything, Luke Baewer, who custom makes each order with his guy Jacob Garber, and Nitasha Kernen-Fox, social media all-star.

“While there are a few other hockey brands out there, none of them even come close to doing what we do at PUCK HCKY,” said Marini. “We take great pride in turning out items and collaborations that no other brand can do and produce. We have scoured the earth for unique items such as our jerseys, flannels, zip-hoodies, hockey-hoodies, raglan shirts and all the adornments that go on them.

“We truly custom make each item for our customers. We do not mass-produce things and just have them lying around waiting to ship. When someone orders a jersey, we make it for them. We think this keeps things special and gives us a higher-quality finished product as well. So far, people seem to agree as we are always getting emails from people raving about the quality of their goods they receive from PUCK HCKY.”

Marini added that in addition to the wide array of PUCK HCKY hockey-themed products, the company also collaborates with many artists and bands.

“Ever hear of Snoop Dogg?” asked Marini. “He is an absolute blast to work with. We also work with a bunch of bands such as Anthrax, Slayer, Lamb of God, Testament, Overkill, and many more. We even collaborate with B. Rich, who you probably know because of the classic song he wrote called ‘Out For A Rip.’ Pretty much every hockey fan knows that song by now.

“What makes all of the collaborations special is that we truly get each partner to participate in the creation of the designs, which brings a certain level of authenticity to the end-products. We refuse to put any product out for sale until they are 100 percent approved by each partner we work with. It’s awesome.”


Overall, why should people patronize PUCK HCKY?

“Because we are totally unique and make sure each and every item we ship to someone is as high-quality as we can possibly make it,” said Marini. “If Luke isn’t happy with the way a product turns out, he makes another one. Again, we truly value our customers and treat them as PUCK HCKY family, for real. While we love doing what we do, and making the coolest stuff we can make, it’s the customer who is the final judge of PUCK HCKY, and we never lose focus of that.

“We are a very unique brand within the ‘hockey space’ and will continue to go down that path and get even better.”

— Matt Mackinder

(Sept. 23, 2020)

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