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Shop Talk: It’s certainly that time of year – let’s customize everything


Custom everything!

This year’s hot-ticket item is custom sticks or skates for the ultimate player experience.

Nothing is more personal than having your name or number printed or stitched into your gear. The feeling you get from opening a custom box to reveal something built just for you is second to none. With the holidays near, the time is now to treat yourself or your hockey player to a truly pro experience.



You now have three great options for custom-made hockey skates. True, CCM and Bauer offer precise measurement tools, custom boot options, and the perfect fit to help make the big price tag of high-end skates a worthwhile investment. For players who have experienced pain or discomfort from stock skates in the past, custom skates are strongly encouraged to enhance your comfort on the ice.

The most popular custom skate is the True hockey skate. This year, True introduced a new design that features a new tongue and the shift holder. The shift holder allows you to switch out your steel quickly. More impressively, the new holder and STEP steel reduce the weight of the skates by 150 grams, a huge savings considering the biggest issues with the previous model was the weight.

CCM offers the 3D skate fitter, a scanning that creates a complete 3D image of your entire foot. Once submitted to the factory, your scan is sent to a 3D printer and that is used throughout the build to ensure a perfect fit. CCM offers two different builds – the Total Custom and Total Custom Plus. Total Custom, in short, uses your foot in a high-heat mold to shape the boot to fit your foot. Total Custom Plus builds the boot to pro specifications based on what your desires are for the perfect pair of skate. Both include your number embroidered on the tongue for that pro inspired look.

The MyBauer scanner is the most user-friendly experience and offers a great custom fit for any player. MyBauer uses a 3D image of your foot to build a skate at their pro factory in Toronto. The skates feature a beautifully printed number and name on the tongue of the skate. Custom options include choice of four different tongues, three steel options, laces and liner.


Custom sticks from MyBauer really enhance the player experience and offer two different build options this year. Choose from Vapor, Nexus, or Supreme to customize colors, name, number, flex and stock patterns.

For the ultimate experience, a certified fit expert in-store can walk you through options for MyBauer pro custom sticks. These sticks allow you to truly build the perfect stick for you. Choose from different shaft profiles, a large selection of custom curves, colors and blade stiffnesses. BTM Scottsdale offers the MyBauer Stick Studio, a scanning tool that analyzes your shot and recommends the right stick for you to enhance your shooting style. This tool can be used for free, but we do require an appointment. You can make your appointment at

Behind the Mask has been in the custom business for years, but newer technology has made the custom build process a true experience. Schedule your VIP service at to have one of our Certified Fit Experts get you set up with a one-of-a-kind product.

For more information on other custom products offered at BTM, visit one of our locations and speak with an associate today.

Randy Exelby is the owner of Behind The Mask Hockey Shops.

(Dec. 6, 2019)

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