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Shop Talk: Top-quality customer service – Meet the BTM managers


Behind The Mask prides itself in its exceptional customer service provided by a staff of knowledgeable hockey players who go above and beyond to ensure each customer feels like they are part of a bigger hockey community.

At the core of our fantastic staff is our hard-working and devoted management team.

If you have not had the chance to meet our managers before, here is a brief insight into their hockey background and what motivates them to be the best.


Beau Saugling, Behind The Mask Peoria

The longest-serving member of the crew, Beau has worked at BTM for the past 19 years – longer if you count the endless hours spent running around the shop as a kid.

A proven hockey shop veteran, Beau is regarded to be at the top of the class. Each of the BTM managers served under him to begin their careers and the information and techniques he passed on to them is priceless.

“I really enjoy the interaction with the customers and working as long as I have, seeing customers grow up and even some now bringing their kids in to get sized up is pretty awesome,” Beau said.

Beau spent his youth hockey career playing for the DYHA Firebirds out of Oceanside. When asked about his favorite memories playing hockey he said, “I loved being a shooter at the (BTM) Goalie School back in the day, I still think I’m the highest scorer in the history of the camp. Just saying.”

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Henry-Mychal Moore, Behind The Mask Scottsdale

The second-longest serving member, Mychal has worked for 16 years at BTM. Managing BTM Scottsdale for the past eight years, he is known to be a jack of all trades with strong knowledge of player and goalie equipment.

“I like working with my hands, so fixing skates and pads is just relaxing and feels natural to me,” Mychal said.

Mychal grew up in Alaska, playing his youth hockey for the Alaska All Stars before moving to Arizona and joining the DYHA Firebirds and the former P.F. Chang’s AAA hockey club as team captain.

He has coached with legendary Arizona coach Sean Babin for the past 12 years, currently at AHU.

“I really enjoy the close relationships I made playing and now seeing them come back into the store with their family is a great experience,” said Mychal. “Just shows how close the hockey community stays together, which is pretty cool.”

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Kevin Mooney, Behind The Mask Gilbert

The newest member to the BTM management team, Kevin has worked at Behind The Mask for the past seven years.

Kevin played youth hockey for the Arizona Hockey Union, wining a state title during his time there under coach Mychal Moore.

“I loved being able to travel to places where they weren’t expecting to play a team from Arizona,” said Kevin.

Becoming the manager of the Gilbert location in 2018, he has quickly proven himself to be a detail-oriented and team-driven leader.

“I love managing this store,” Kevin said. “I get a lot of freedom and everyone works as a team to get things done. Also, I never feel pressure to push products that I feel customers don’t need, and that helps me grow a relationship with my customers.”

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We thank each of our managers for their support and belief in the vision we have as a company. In all honesty, 25 years of excellence has proven to be the result of an exceptional and dedicated staff.

Randy Exelby is the owner of Behind The Mask Hockey Shops.

(Feb. 8, 2019)

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