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Shop Talk: Want new, custom skates? Head on over to BTM Scottsdale


Some exciting new technology has come to Behind The Mask Scottsdale.

Bauer and CCM have jumped into the custom 3-D fit skate business, joining True, who got the early jump on them.

This allows the consumer to get the exact custom fit skate they desire.

The player can get quarter-inch sizes, and different sizes and widths for each skate if needed.


As an example, a player might need an 8 1/2 on the right foot and 9 on the left and must settle for the larger size rather than getting the perfect fit. Although the perfect fit does come at a price, both Bauer and CCM are only offering the pro model skates for custom. And custom skates come with an upcharge over retail.

The feedback we have received over the past year on the True custom skates has been phenomenal.

We have fit over 100 players, including former Coyotes great Jeremy Roenick and three of ASU’s Division I goalies. Over 60 percent of the NHL goalies are currently in True custom goalie skates. The first thing we hear when the player puts on his custom skate is, “Wow, a skate that finally fits.”

If a consumer has a regular-shaped foot, stock skates are still a great option. But for those who have irregular feet or Bauer bumps etc., custom skates are a great option.

As these custom fit centers are expensive, BTM Scottsdale is the only place to get them in Arizona. Store manager Mychal Moore and COO Steven Jovic went to Montreal for training on the Bauer scanner and our staff has been trained in-store by CCM and True. True offered a great employee program and many of our staff skate on them for ice and couple of the staff who play for ASU converted them to inline.

So these guys know how the custom fit process works and the benefits.

What can be customized – Bauer

Bauer improves on their custom skates by utilizing its 3-D fit center to manufacture the skate to a 3-D printed mold of your foot, providing a more accurate fit to the Vapor, Supreme or Nexus line of high-end skates. The player has the option to choose from a variety of liners, tongues, eyelets and steel to achieve the perfect fit. You can also add a name and number to the tongue of the skates to insure everyone knows you got that pro custom experience.

Skates take 2-4 weeks for production.

What can be customized – CCM

CCM offers two custom options in the 3-D custom mold or full custom build. The 3-D custom molded skates are formed using high heat and pressure around a 3-D printed copy of your foot to ensure pure contact in the boot. Since the Jetspeed and Tacks lines are a fully wrapped one-piece boot, this gives you a pure fit. With this option you also get a custom number on the tongue of the skate. CCM’s full custom skate allows you to choose liner, tongues, boot adjustment, and fits while building the skate around a 3-D printed mold of your foot.

Production times are usually 8-10 days for 3-D molded skates and 4-6 weeks for full custom.

Stop into BTM Scottsdale and let our staff walk you through the options available with Bauer, CCM and True custom skates.

We’ll see you soon!

Randy Exelby is the owner of Behind The Mask Hockey Shops.

(Oct. 2, 2018)

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