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Taking Liberties With… Arizona Coyotes/Tucson Roadrunners goaltender Adin Hill


Position: Goaltender, Arizona Coyotes/Tucson Roadrunners
Hometown: Comox, British Columbia, Canada
NHL Draft: Selected in third round (76th overall) by Coyotes in 2015 NHL Draft
Last Amateur Team: Portland Winterhawks (WHL)
Age: 24


Arizona Rubber: What’s your favorite hockey memory growing up?
Adin Hill: When I was 10, we won the Brick Tournament. That was a really cool thing, and I played for Team Brick Alberta. We had not won the tournament in many years. This was a host tournament and we won. Pretty fun.

AZR: What’s your favorite memory in the game since leaving junior hockey?
AH: Tough question. I would have to say my first NHL win (March 13, 2018). Just an exciting night and really excited to be in the NHL. The first game is obviously huge, exciting, big moment. To play your first NHL game and to get the win was great. We beat the L.A. Kings in a shootout, 4-3.

AZR: Who have been the biggest influence on you, on and off the ice?
AH: My dad, for sure. Growing up, he was always there for me and always pushing me. He’s a huge part of the reason why I am here today.

AZR: What is the best piece of advice you have for a young hockey player?
AH: Keep working, no matter what. You will be cut from some teams, you’ll have failures, whether it’s the team, or yourself, and things will not go your way. Just keep working and don’t keep your head down. Keep to the grind.

AZR: Other than hockey, do you have a favorite sport to play?
AH: I like to watch football and play basketball.

AZR: Do you have any superstitions?
AH: I would say I’m not too superstitious, but I do have a routine. I’ll eat pasta before every game, but nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.

AZR: What does your game-day routine look like?
AH: The one thing I do different on game day is I don’t nap. I just find if I nap, I can’t wake up for the rest of the day. So I don’t nap, and I guess that’s the one thing I do different from other players.

AZR: Do you have a favorite meal or restaurant here in the Phoenix area?
AH: There’s Tru Foods, which is great. Great healthy stuff. Restaurants? I really like Maple and Ash and Olive and Ivy in Scottsdale. These are my two favorites.

AZR: What are some of the essentials you take on a road trip?
AH: A suit. I guess then just the clothes I need. I try and pack light. Try and make sure I have enough underwear in there and I’m good to go. Headphones and iPhone, of course. I don’t have an iPad.

AZR: Did you have a favorite hockey player growing up?
AH: It was Roberto Luongo. He was a great goalie and had a huge influence on me.

Photo/Norm Hall

— Compiled by Mark Brown

(June 2, 2020)

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