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Taking Liberties With… Dylan Strome


Position: Forward, Erie Otters (OHL)
Acquired: Coyotes’ first-round pick (third overall) in 2015 NHL Draft
Hometown: Mississauga, Ont.
Age: 19

Arizona Rubber: What’s your favorite hockey memory growing up?
Dylan Strome: Not sure how old I was, maybe five or six. That’s when the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Ottawa Senators two years in a row in the playoffs. The battle for Ontario is a pretty big rivalry, so just watching that was my favorite hockey memory.

AZR: Who has been the biggest influence on you, on and off the ice?
DS: Probably my dad. I think, like a lot of hockey dads, he was pretty hard on me, and he knows what’s best for you. Obviously, he wants us to succeed and do your best. I have two other brothers who are doing pretty good, and good hockey players themselves (Ryan Strome plays for the New York Islanders, Matthew Strome is playing in the OHL and a 2017 NHL Draft prospect), so I guess he was doing something right for us.

AZR: What’s the best piece of advice you have for young hockey players?
DS: Always have a stick in your hand, always play ball. If you’re a hockey player, play street hockey, play roller hockey. Do just whatever you can. There are so many ways to get to the NHL, so many ways to get to the next level. Just because you don’t get drafted, keep working. There are so many guys now in the NHL who have come in as players and not get drafted. You can play Major Junior or in college. There are so many different ways, and that’s what I say.

AZR: Other than hockey, do you have a favorite sport to play?
DS: Golf. My golf game is not bad. I’ve become better this year. I picked up a membership at a local course with my brother and play a lot. I’m doing pretty good and work on it. I’m not a scratch by any means, but I can hold my own.

AZR: Do you have any superstitions?
DS: More in the season, I guess but not any right now (at Coyotes’ prospect camp in July).

AZR: What does your game-day routine look like?
DS: Usually, I get a good breakfast and that’s the most important thing. The next most important thing is to have a good nap. A decent nap is important to me, and it’s between one and three hours.

AZR: What are some essential items you take on a road trip?
DS: My head phones, definitely for sure. Usually, a blanket and a pillow, too.

AZR: Did you have a favorite hockey player growing up?
DS: (Being from the Toronto area) Mats Sundin (from the Toronto Maple Leafs).

Photo/Norm Hall

– Compiled by Mark Brown

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